• Laser design in development stage

We can join you in realizing exquisite collections for your customers by developing unique laser designs based on your designers’ ideas or offering our own.

We keep a constant eye on fashion trends and consumers’ tastes and gladly share our insight with our customers.

  • Laser Program in Production stage

Should it be an originally laser designed garment or a different combination of finishing techniques (such as scraping, sand-blasting, spraying, etc) that you need to find a bulk production solution for, we’re here to assist you with the suitable laser programming.

Our solutions will equally address your output planning and your quality targets.

  • Sampling & Production Transfer coordination

Are you still playing with ideas for your collection and change your mind every test you make? Feel free to ask us to add new and more laser designs and change the design every time you want to change it.

Did you get your perfect sample and know need to deal with a million units? We are here to assist you with efficient programming and work-flow adapted solutions.

  • Continuous improvement

Everything that runs well can run better. Just let us know and we can help you introduce laser finishing in ways and places that you did not even think of.

  • On -site support

And yes, we would be glad to come on site and assist you with equipment selection, personnel training and work-flow organization.